Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Could Volleyball be the Next Big Five or Six Sport?

Could it become really big in North America,...America?  More boys programs are popping up in the U.S..  It's a good option to basketball and wrestling.

I revisit the question of what is going to be the next big thing.  Soccer is on its way.  But what else?  Lacrosse (filed hockey) or Volleyball.  I like team sports.

Is there anything innovative out there or in the works for team sports?  One team versus another leaves for a 50/50 shot.  What about 3 teams playing each other at once?  The only sport I can think of in my head that could field 3 teams, although it could get crowded, is playing "21" in basketball.  3 three-man teams?  Maybe dodge ball will take off with some kind of cool format.

Ball State
You don't need that many people.  It can happen indoors in the Winter and outdoors in the Summer.  There are courts attached to bars and bowling alleys.  Sand season or court season.  Think tennis, clay and grass.  There could be two separate seasons and/or leagues.  It can take up less space.  Easier to do a pickup game.

Manhattan v. Long Island.  
South Boston v. Boston Proper
Westside Cincinnati v. Eastside Cinci
Dayton taking on D.C.
Long Beach (CA) v. South Beach (FL)
New Orleans Parishioners v. the Boise Boys

Imagine a clubhouse or coliseum with an indoor and outdoor section.  It could have a retractable roof with the outdoor court sliding floor.

On and on.
And can we see it being co-ed at a high level, guys and gals?
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