Tuesday, February 2, 2016

What about a National League New England Major League Baseball Team? Or National Hockey League or NBA

And should it be New England named?  Or is the alliteration of Providence Pilgrims too good to pass up?

Okay, there are those already in line waiting like Nashville or Charlotte and Indy, yadda yadda, and in MLB offices more redundancy now would slow that roll of manifest destiny in baseball America.  And in the years to come, Memphis and New Orleans will make their case for expansion against franchise cannibalism, even if saturation seems to be an inflation factor for pro sports market that effects all but that of the NYC region.  Many say they could easily sport a third team in New Jersey or Brooklyn, for even the most expensive bill of all, being Major League Baseball.  Seriously, it takes at least like 85 billion bucks in a market to even get a look.  The second most expensive sport is the NHL or NFL, which take less than half of MLB business

I won't pretend to know the most adequate site for where a stadium in such a conceived second Northeast team would be, from Foxborough to a multi-use development in northern Connecticut or upper Rhode Island, but I do know this much - that the pilgrimage that is Wrigley isn't really affected too much by Comiskey, which is eleven miles away.

Fenway and the Monster will be okay.  So, I thought about it, a time past a landing of Charlotte, Montreal and Portland.  And since I obviously don't have a lot to give you except a split or dual fan base of 10 million potential folks and the notation of 30 miles separating Pats and Sox, I'll give my two cents on team names for a potential National League team to heckle the Mets a little more often.

Okay, okay,...so Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, all of the suburbs and stretches of Massachusetts, Connecticut, and Rhode Island aren't really without.  From somewhat populated stretches of Vermont or Maine, there is a 250 mile trek.  That's the same as a drive between the stadiums for the Reds and Indians, a big city (Columbus) in between.

Instead of more in Boston, you could slap an arena or rink in Hartford (old home of the Whalers) or Providence.

What are some good team names?
Regional or nicknames
Fenway Park
Northeast or just.....
                  New England ______s


New England Baseball Celts
Baseball Pats
Basketball Bruins

Whatcha' got?

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