Wednesday, February 17, 2016

American Attitude Change for Sports Facilities. The Environment !!!

Or plainly put:  American Attitude Change for Sports Facilities NEEDED.  The Environment !

I saw a hometown Cincinnati article about pro soccer appeal and MLS business foresight.

It got me thinking about a MLS stadium.  And I've blogged about good locations in my Tri-State area to think about having the site for this place.  But it got me thinking with concerns to both footballs, the weekly venues that they are, and how often times they're heavily crowd vacant.

Frankly, I get annoyed by team owners claiming need for a new place for just them.  I understand the want, but not the need.  When once a week at best you get to see your team, what's the big deal?  Is it the ambiance of the place or the game action?  Are we talking a true fan base or are we talking about water slides and lattes?  I kind of get it.  But Paul Brown Stadium where the Bengals play can be an adequate place.  Nippert Stadium, as newly overhauled as it is, is a romantic place for soccer.  Taxpayers also pay for them.

Get my drift?  The places exist.  College stadiums are everywhere.  And an issue of contention is building more of them, especially when an owner wants a lease and doesn't even want to pay for that to dig into their profitable profits.

And, the environment.

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