Thursday, February 4, 2016

The Next MLB & Minor League Expansion and thoughts on a More Competitive Player System

When MLB expands to 32 teams will we need more Minor League teams?
I'd say at least a Triple A and maybe even Double A teams will be in order.  America's game is definitely all over America.  And where isn't there enough baseball?

Portland, Oregon doesn't have their Beavers anymore and that has been since 2010. 

I'll get to some more cities below.

But first let me address the topic of not adding in more teams at some of the rookie league or A-levels.  And it might take care of the inflation-of-talent question.  Plus, the horizon of Cuba looks to contribute more talent.  But how will affiliation agreements work out?  Could it be like hockey?  I suppose so.

In such a case MLB teams being fully aware that a prospect could be called up to the Bigs, but not with their franchise, may send down a less savory big leaguer just so that they can bring the young hot prospect up and beat their major league counterpart to the punch.  So if the Padres and Dodgers had a Portland affiliation for an AA team and either a Pad or Dodger gets hurt or gets boring, one of the clubs could make their move.  They can call their guess up from Portland.  I meant "guess" or "guest".

In my 32 team big league, let's say it's Portland and Charlotte that have a team.  Vancouver and Montreal, respectively, could be one of their minor league clubs.  Canada has no MiLB teams as it is. In my powerhouse expansion idea, being a drumbeat theme in my blog, I'd love something to the tune of a West Coast and East Coast team being two teams with all of the above mentioned cities as part of the equation.

So, let's say we had the West Coast (Lumber)'Jacks and East Coast Expos join MLB.
I looked through all of the minor league towns and really could only see a handful of good not-already-taken towns sited in some independent leagues. 

Pacific and International Leagues make up the Triple A and here are some cities that can go from independent leagues and move up (and into) to a higher big league echelon.  And, as should be noted, there can be some more "inter-league play" between the PC and IL to come from this.

The Sur Toros of Monterrey could become an AAA brand.  What about Puerto Rico, Honolulu or even Cuba becoming something?  Distances like that would call for Mexico City, also.  What if the West Coast MLB brand was in Portland and Las Vegas instead of Vancouver?  The Las Vegas 51s can become something else in Vancouver.

America's game is definitely all over America.

Where are some independent league club cities in place to move up to something like AA ball? and others?
Normal, IL
Lincoln, NE (50 miles from Omaha's team)
           ALL OF CANADA:  think Ottawa, Winnipeg, Edmonton, Calgary and on and NHL/CFL on.  An all-Canada brand camping throughout the north could become a North Country team and more readily situated to take on coast to coast American based teams under any league alignment.
Gary, IN; Sioux City, IA; Wichita, KS are some other cities I scoped for teams.  Let's say Double-A.  But like I said, maybe we can do something different, add two Triple-A teams to the mix and share or split other minor league teams with some sort of share agreements or vice versa with AA.

For the next expansion, in the minors let's add Canada's North Country 'Jacks as the new AAA team and Mexico's Sur Toros as the AA one and have them co-exist as farm clubs for MLB numero 31 and 32, inching more and more into our North American counterparts with next up being for San Juan and Havana.

What are your thoughts?
Go ahead and undress my argument, ya' deviant artists

Whatcha' got?

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