Sunday, February 14, 2016

Chicago's Second NFL Team Name

For the longest time, Chicago was the second largest market in America.  It borders Milwaukee yet still is a North American enclave despite not being near an international Tijuana or Detroit.  It has two big league baseball squads, along with 2 other big cities and essentially 4 areas (NYC, LA and incl. Bay and D.C./Balt.).

And those other cities have two teams in other sports, baseball being more than twice as hard business-wise to justify having a team in market.  And besides, Los Angeles's vacancy about to go double down again on crowd's with LA home games weekly, why not more for Chicago and the midwest?

I wonder which sport the folks of Chicago would like another team in.  For many markets many might say football, which can be a sufferable week in between games for the fans.  It has seemingly been 'dat way for duh' Bears.  Even though there could've been a Chicagoland Clippers and I'm sure the NHL loves having them as a cozy backup along with Toronto if ever need be for a franchise relocation.  Well, let's talk about it another day.

But what about Midway?  I've blogged about it before but what about Chicagoland?  What's a good mascot to side near a historical Bears team?  Soldier Field has Chicago Fire neighbors, so what about some boys in blue?  Chicagoland Troopers.  Midway Battlers.  Beat Washington to the punch for Warriors?
Whatcha' got?

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  1. #NFLexpansion #NFLchicago Yeah, I know,...Toronto and Louisville before another Chicago squad.