Monday, February 22, 2016

My Proposal for MLB in Columbus

In a magical imaginary expansion at the clash of Reds and Indians Country, I'll pretend it's part of a two team expansion.  I might even pretend it's down the road and by then Montreal, Charlotte and maybe even Nashville already have their MLB teams.  And since Ohio has two teams, I might have to pretend Indiana finally gets there.  But anyway, seems a long way off.  But I really want to figure out what the name would be if there was a team soon.

What could we call the team?
Cosmos   Cosmopolitans.   Cosmonauts sounds cool, but it's kind of Russian.

Columbus Clippers would be freed up for Triple-A baseball somewhere else.  The list of places that could sport an AAA team seems to be much shorter than that could sport an MLB club in the next 15 years.

But what are your thoughts?

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