Friday, February 5, 2016

Next Big League in Buckeye's Columbus

Is there elbow room for football (/elbow-hand ball) or anything other than VERILY THEEE Ohio State stuff?

So yeah, there's the MLS and NHL following of Crew and Blue Jackets.  But when will one of the Big Three land there?  There's a lot of here and there being in-between around Ohio's capital.
Up the road is NBA.  It's a good notion to think of the competition up the road for what's not even 150 miles away and concretely Cavs County.

But here's the hope for C-Bus NBA hype.  Louisville or Pittsburgh will likely be next in the region.  Louisville probably will be the one in some kind of east and central-or-west two-team Association expansion.  Louisville's area isn't 100 miles from Cincinnati and that might just put Cinci on the outs and Columbus more on the IN.   I could see the NBA actually seeing some kind of Ohio-brand in between Columbus and Cinci, in no sooner than 10 years, being housed in Greater Dayton.  That would be 200 miles from Cleveland and 160ish miles from Kentucky's brand.  Being about 50 and 80 miles, respectively from Cinci and C-Bus, it's not a bad idea.  Plus, southwest Ohio is college basketball crazed with the likes of UD, XU, UC, Miami and Wright State, among others.

But let's say Columbus.  What's a good name for an NFL and NBA team when the time comes?
And while we're at it, let's pretend we're well down the road and the likes of Indy and Columbus of Clippers country land in the holy league of hard ball.

In the NBA, any number of cities sound good for a relocated Bucks teams.  Columbus Bucks of a deer buck eyeball looking tree produce does sound appropriate.  Flights.  Heights.  Diesel.

NFL,....this is tricky.  But let's try.  Ohio Natives sounds incredibly cocky to me.  American Football's brand birth, so boom.  Highwaymen.  Horsemen.  Something explorer'y in name might be too redskinny down the line so we may not want to go there.  Let's face it.  By today's standards, he was an asshole,...and Geo. Wash statues will eventually go out of fashion too, much like maybe an OJ, Ray Lewis or Ty Cobb likeness.   Buuuuuttt anyway... .  the C-Bus will need a badass name.  As a Cincinnati Kid I'm fond of hogging Diesel for the day we land another big league team, but I can definitely go with Ohio Diesel.  Anything we can say to evoke the Hall of Fame?  Pioneers?  Greens? - Now that's catchy.  What about some ghosts synonyms like Phantoms, Shadows or Banshees?  Take over for me on that.

Baseball.  Hmmmm.  Warriors with some kind of American motif can always work.  But again, being considerate of past transgressions according to a more humane and considerate modern standard, we might think to name it Ohio Warriors, so as not to think of a name like Columbus.  This would be one helluva' secondary franchise for Indians or Reds country when we're having seasonal depression disorder.

I like some tongue in cheek:  Deer Ohio.  Nothing says "eat this" to the neighbors quite like OHIO Honchos.  THEE Honchos of (ALL) of Ohio.  Take that Redlegs and Tribe.  Troopers....again with the Columbus WATCH'YER MOUTH.... Ohio Troopers.  Statees?  What about a sole Columbus name?  I'd say Bikers.  And I'm telling y'all.  If you've ever read my blog and want to consider some exponential brand apparel appeal,...."Truckers" is a most fantastic name.  C-Bus Truckers.  Oaks, Owls, Cattle, Jacks, Dawgs, Hounds, Clubbers, Clowns, Circus, Sluggers, Batmen, Catfish, Hunters, Ranchers, Cavalry, Northmen, Carriers, Catapults and the Guys.  Again, take over and tell me something.   Paint a picture with that O-face.

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