Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Travel Team for a Southwest Major League Soccer Franchise

Think of a travel team that tag teams towns.  I'll throw a couple names in the hat:  Las Vegas, Glendale/Phoenix or Tucson, Albuquerque, El Paso or Central Txxas in Austin or San Antonio.  I have no doubt some of the mentioned are destined for MLS pretty soon. 

But what about the meantime and the MLS exposure.  Sure, it can be watched on television, but what about the kid in San Antonio that catches more of their MLS glimpses from the internet than any kind of competitive soccer on a field?  Could there be a Southwest United or Rattlers brand?  There could be shielded logo and one of the 'gliphics on the shield for SW United could be a Rattler representing Las Vegas.  Say Albuquerque or Santa Fe chooses the image of a Freight train (Express).  Perhaps Vegas is snake eyes.  There are many ways to roll out this franchise in part or in whole.  And there are many regional themes.  West Coast.  Western.  Great Lakes.  Southland.  East Coast.  North Country.

Just some thoughts.  Gun to your head, how would you do it?
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