Sunday, February 21, 2016

Xavier and Mount St. Joe's Combining for Football ???

These universities are 13 miles apart.  Many basketball fans are aware of the existence of X's basketball program.  Mt. St. Joe, as it is known on the streets, featured the courageous lady fighting for her life as she played on the basketball team.

In 1990 Mt. St. Joseph University, the then College of Mount St. Joe' started football.  It's a Division III program.  X had football up to 1973.  They started in 1901.  The joke still goes that they're undefeated since then.  If you're from around the Cincinnati area, you know about Lions football and also Xavier University, namely their basketball.  So what if they collaborated and combined for one purpose:  a football team?  Mt. St. Joe has the stadium.  Funds and drives could upgrade the stands for sure to bring the team into a future of Division one ball.  And what could we call such a team?

The Muskie Lions?  What kind of logo could we come up with?

Mt. Saint Joe Xavier Muskies
What do you think?

Logistically, I'm surely ignorant of some factors.  But I enjoy gun-to-your-dome scenarios.  Perhaps a basis for scholarship to whichever school could be academics.  I'm sure these Christian schools could work something out and grow from being a D3 to a D1 school down the road.

Any Christian collaboratives or any schools on any level in your area that you could see doing this?

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