Tuesday, February 9, 2016

The Obvious Choices for No More Big League Teams

You probably know who you are.  But maybe not.
Broncos, Rockies, Nuggets, Avalanche and Rapids.  Denver is done.  Sports options all year round.

Now, for the likes of Cincinnati, well, we do have our college teams and some minor league action as options to cover all the seasons.  Basketball and hockey can tide over from Bengals to Reds and we can go with a back-up squad, from Xavier, Miami to maybe even Ohio State.

Okay.  So.  Some Big Fives 

                                           and now Minnesota

Baltimore(?), you're pretty much lumped in with the geographic reality of Washington D.C..   And the Bay Area, even though it may feel oceans apart in what used to amount to 17 miles apart for Major League Baseball in between that balance of around 10 miles apart like Chicago and New York and a 30 mile separation for LA area clubs, San Fran-Oakland is kind of one.  The Bay

I did not forget one of the largest markets of all, Chicago.  Or top dawg, New York.  NYC likes to double up in everything like LA does.  Los Angeles goes forever after losing their two football clubs and when they return, they insist on two again.  Big markets.  NYC can argue for a 3rd baseball team in the business sense.  But listen, Chicago could go for something like another NHL, NFL and NBA team down the road.  It used to be the second largest and is still the 3rd largest metro in America.

Some of those on the verge of being Big Five, like Atlanta (once floating an NHL team before it relocated) and Detroit won't take too terribly long.  Likely not even as long as LA, considering how fast MLS is tackling turf growth.  And St. Louis will be without formidable pigskin for awhile, no doubt replaced by the other brand of football to suit it.

Toronto, Arizona and Houston are missing one sport.  And if you have read more of my blog than not, you would know that I advocate a little something different for those areas.  And respectively, those are CFL stadiums, Tucson and Austin to offset any market saturation concerns.

Any thoughts?

Which city is going to get their second or third team next?:

The Obvious Choices for No More Big League Teams, Part II

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