Friday, February 19, 2016

NHL for Canada & NFL for America. Heart can apply some over Mind

It seems like more American cities wish they had an(other) NFL team of any other sport.  And that probably goes without saying for hockey and Canada.  Some of the places you might overlook on a map could be an adequate market for these two leagues.

Major League Soccer takes less than 20 billion bucks to be a franchise in a market.  It's probably 50 billion for the other football and a touch more for hockey and hockey comes in second place in number of dollars needed for a franchise, only to MLB (circa $100 billion).  But hockey and football are about 50 billion required for each market.

But anyway, the love for hockey can certainly support another team for Toronto and it is argued the same for Canada's other biggest cities in Vancouver and Montreal.  And many say the passion for hockey is so deep, hockey could be a solid float on the ice for grounds like Halifax.

For football, being a weekly ordeal and tailgating, could imaginatively be most anywhere and thrive, from Little Rock, Birmingham, Portland to Boise, and another vacant week in Boston (aka when the Pats have a road game).  But if there were ever two teams around Boston (Foxborough), of course we have the issue of business canabalization and time slots, not to mention how genius the broadly named New England tag was placed upon the franchise.  Around the same time in the early 70s, the same could be said of a b-ball Golden State brand.

And since we're on these thoughts, let me lip off a bit:  Toronto deserves more hockey as much as NYC deserves its baseball.  I'd however urge Toronto's suburbs to take on a more broader Ontario base by name.

And it deserves it more than expanding turf into the desert.  And even before Vegas, Portland or Seattle should be getting the kind of love that won't flirt with being like the Panthers or Coyotes.

And me lipping off some more:  Toronto and Louisville should be getting the looks for NFL's next come around.

Any thoughts on any of this?
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