Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Kansas City: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

Out of the Big Five Sports , Kansas City has 3.

They tout the Big 2, that being what I, along with many others I'm sure, feel as the most important.  Those leagues of course being big league baseball and football.  God Bless your Royals and Chiefs.  I love my Reds and Bengals.  We have some sports lineage together.

KC has an MLS team.  Like my hometown, they used to have the NBA.  Our team used to be the Cincinnati Royals, which moved on to become the Kansas City Kings, and alas Sacramento.  And the namesake of Royals stuck with baseball in KC.

A big time hockey franchise has many cities in line before KC, close to the likes of Seattle, Portland, Milwaukee, Cleveland...and well, more north places in general.  The NHL was there.  They were the Kansas City Scouts.  And then the Colorado Rockies.  And finally, since 1982, those New Jersey Devils they are.  The minor league Missouri Mavericks will have to do for now.

KC Scouts 1974-1976 before moving to Colorado Rockies Hockey

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Low resolution image of what was the Kansas City-Omaha Kings, many times playing in St. Louis.

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The reality of any town getting a major league team right now is that the markets suck and of course business is picky.  Any best bet would be the move of existing troubled teams that are either having money or leasing troubles (ie.  Oakland, in the case of the Athletics and Raiders; Tampa Rays attendance).  Kansas City wanting the Kings back would be another thought.  Seattle buzz about housing the Clippers is another tabloid.  There are many statistics about market saturation and which cities could withstand which leagues.  It's talked about and referenced throughout my blog posts, particularly the posts in the early months of 2014.

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  1. On my thought-block for some posts here soon, from east to west: Baltimore, Seattle, Portland and Sacramento.