Monday, September 1, 2014

Monterrey Rays. Or Sur Toros? MLB in Mexico

The logic for Monterrey over Mexico City is simple.  Logistics.
The distance from Arizona and Houston from Mexico City is about 1450 and 950 miles, respectively.  For Monterrey, it's 1,150 and 450.

How beautiful would baseball be there?  How hyped would the fan base of over a million people be?  How would it be affordable day in and day out?  All good questions.
It's the third largest metro area in Mexico behind the capital and Guadalajara and the second wealthiest city.

My nomination and vote is for the nationalistically numbing name of the Sur Toros.
Imagine a bull dressed up in a suit, sir.

And I still think it's more deserving than Montreal.  Baseball is admittedly more Latino than French.

And oh yeah!  The Title.  Yeah yeah.  Vacate Tampa.  Be the Rays or the Bulls for all I care.

Oldies but goodies:

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