Wednesday, April 2, 2014

What would you do this year and next as NFL dictator? Give the exercise a try in your mind.

West Coast Raiders Los Angeles, Portland and Las Vegas
First seasons:  2 camp games, 3 and three, respectively.  Play in the closest big college stadiums in 2015.
Maybe do one game in L.A. and one in Oakland first year.  Then maybe play in Oakland, Portland and Vegas after L.A. gets their team back (a little further below).

Southern Saints New Orleans, Tuscaloosa and Jacksonville.
First season:  4 home games in NOLA.  2 in Jacktown.  One in 'Loosa.  One in Louisville

Why Jacksonville?
Because I bounced the Jaguars from town.
I moved them north, every big city in Canada is where.

The Norde Force.  Playing in all the CFL stadiums over the next few years.  We have college and pro ball.   Our cousins can have two pro leagues to pride over.

Los Angeles Rams.  buh-bye St. Louis.  I'm not a hater.  And not a lover for ya.

    ... .
Expanding,.... gun to my head.

Monterrey IN MEXICO.   International expansion surprise!
Closer than London.
So, a new stadium and stimulus for Norte Mexico.   Nortemexicano Toros sound good?

If inflation and experts just plead with me that the feasibility for this Mexican-American football isn't in the now... I would spread love for San Antonio and Central Texas as a whole.
So instead .... the Old West Cattlemen of central Texas (Austin/San Antonio, El Paso, Albuquerque and OKC).  A game in SLC.
First year:  4 in central Texas, two in Albuquerque, two in OKC.
St. Louis, ...make your case over the next few years to participate in the Old West brand of franchise football.

Or I just expand with the Old West Cattlemen and the Nortemexicano Toros along with my regional re-locate-expansion/rebrand.

Building new stadiums AS DICTATOR (saddam hussein didn't have to make sense .... but I wonder if this could generate cents):

NFL Stadiums: 

Reform, Alabama

San Marcos, Texas

Las Vegas, Nevada

Monterrey, Mexico

Economic building boom occurring for Reform, Alabama.  It has proximity to the heart of Alabama and Mississippi, ...and maintains the sole of Crimson Tide pride.  Saturday and Sunday football tailgating for southerners.  Southern Saints.

Build a new stadium in San Marcos, Texas for the S.A./Austin market 

Las Vegas could handle a big seating venue.

Makes me wonder as I sit here contemplating my regional team model, ...where teams camp in multiple cities to represent a broader area,....if I would be able to swallow my own pill.  Afterall, I thumb my nose at St. Louis and Jacksonville.  I have this thing in my mind that there is oversaturation and too much nonchalance in Florida.  I have figured throughout my blog, "screw you Florida" and things similar to "say bye bye to the Jaguars and rebrand Tampa Bay to the Florida Bay Buccaneers and play in Tampa and Jacksonville".

The Cincinnati Bengals owner Mike Brown could pull up stakes and how would I feel about that?  I thought it funny that I've heard in spots that LA says "hell-to-the-no" to Mikey Brown's Los Angeles Bengals.  It seems like Paul Brown Stadium (PBS) was built just a handful of years ago in downtown Cincinnati but it seems many owners are Jerry Jone'sing for a new Cowboys caliber cathedral.  And the Bengals lease is up 2017 and these greedy fuck owners think they're doing us all such a great favor by bringing mercenary thugs to our cities to gladiate their IQ all over the place ...that they shouldn't have to pay for the house they play in.  Could the Bengals leave.  You bet.  I bet.

So, let's say the Brown family gets seduced by another government just across the Ohio Kentucky stream for a New Jersey'esque relationship.  They could still be called the Cincinnati Bengals.  But also could become the Kentucky Bengals.  "My daddy's dead, here's your KY jelly Cinci fans.  Chew on that peanut butter".

What if Louisville or Lexington comes together to build a top-notch NFL facility that blows PBS out of contention.  Could Bengal Nation be renamed "River Run Bengals" while playing in Louisville AND Cincinnati.  River Bay Bengals?  Cinciville?

Swallowing more of my pill.

What about more cities in the mix.  Southern Bay Bengals?  Southern Belle Bengals?  Add a stadium in Mobile, Alabama? 

Personally, if cost were alleviated from the taxpayer, I would have to say I'm okay with it.  And I think even the most die-hard staunch Cincinnati Jungle fan would rather love it than leave it.

See more expansion and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> 
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine.

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