Saturday, September 6, 2014

Milwaukee, St. Louis, KC, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Pittsburgh and Baltimore with more Pro Sports

The entitled towns are MLB and NFL towns, arguably the most important list to make.

Baltimore, KC and Cinci are big two towns.  There could be calls (certainly down the line) for MLS, NHL and the NBA in their future.

Unlike those two top-mentioned Oriole and Red major league towns, St. Louis and Pittsburgh have NHL teams.  They're Big 3 towns missing the NBA and MLS.  KC isn't missing MLS.

Cleveland is a big 3 town missing MLS and NHL.  So is Milwaukee

A solution to filling such voids anytime soon, and I've mentioned this many times before, is shared teams.  For instance, let's say Cincinnati and St. Louis pair up to form one NBA team and Pittsburgh and Baltimore for another.  Since Cleveland and Milwaukee lack the NHL a "Great Lakes" franchise could cover both towns with 20 home games.  An MLS team called the Eastern Brigade could take camp in all the mentioned cities.

Kansas City is a big three town. Not NBA, but 3 out of 4 anyway.  They have MLS while Cinci and Balt don't.

For my camp team argument, I would enjoy some MLS action for Cincinnati, even if it had to be shared with the likes of Pittsburgh and Baltimore.  And if Columbus doesn't do a bigger geographical embrace by calling themselves the Ohio B-Jackets, I'll take what I can get.  The Eastern Brigade would have a nice ring to it as a team name..  Cleveland and Milwaukee with the North Coast Regatta.  Perhaps then St. Louis and Louisville could share the Delta Queen with their river connection.

Eastern Fleet basketball would be neat for Baltimore, Pittsburgh and Cincinnati.  St. Louis and KC could have the Show Me State Battalion.  The West Coast Mustangs splitting home team time in Seattle and Las Vegas.

So many possibilities when one opens their mind to it.

From sea to shining sea.  Pacific to Atlantic.


Port of Atlantic City

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