Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Baltimore: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

For oh-so-lonesome of a long time there was only the Baltimore Orioles to preach about, alongside some Redskin lovin' and bitter Colt thoughts.

There's no NBA or NHL franchise in Baltimore.  It's like Cincinnati in that regard.  They're Big Two cities.
Perhaps Baltimore's biggest reason for the lack of an NBA team is it's proximity to the nation's capital, literally it's next door neighbor.  Ditto for the emissary of Canadian ice.  The Colts were gone for years before finally an NFL team came back to grace the weekly venue of the Bay.  The Redskins kept them at bay for so long.

The NBA or MLS isn't there either, like it isn't for Cinci, St. Louis and Pittsburgh.  But, like I've been preaching throughout my blog, the next expansion could be a two-town team, and in this economic climate maybe that's the feasible option for a relocation, co-location or expansion.  For instance, let's say that for the Athletics to stay in Oakland, they share the team with Portland and become the West Coast A's.  Just a thought for your Beltway Bullets or Wizards.  Or your Eastern Battalion b-ball team with Pittsburgh.  Or something.  Get creative.  Come up with some thoughts.  Of course a lot of reality can negate my dream schemes.  But I think it's all a good contingency plan.  Let's say that the Cavaliers had very dismal attendance in Cleveland in today's climate.  They could spread the gate to Cincinnati and Columbus and survive as an Ohio named franchise.

This article about the Baltimore climate feels like a ditto for Cincinnati to me:

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