Sunday, September 28, 2014

Should the Washington D.C. Pro Sports Franchises Represent More than just the City?

The Wizards (formerly the Bullets)
D.C. United

That's the Big Five in D.C.

Well, personally, I'm for the Nationals being of some Eastland franchise.  An "East" brand.
If the Godforsaken Tampa Rays don't relocate I think the Eastland Nationals would be great camped in places like Charlotte, Jacksonville, Nashville and New Orleans. All of those sound kind of like Southland to you too? Columbus and  Indianapolis are along the National Road. 

Could the Eastland Capitals work in hockey?  Atlanta is a capital in its own right.  It could work as a share in Albany as well.

Wizards basketball in Pittsburgh?  Stuff like that.

Landover, Maryland is where the Whiteskins play NFL football, much in the same respect that the Giants and Jets play their populated ball on the porch in New Jersey.

Just a thought.  I know it's not a strong one.  The capital of our country is a large area in it's own right.

A Nationals place of play.
Can you hear me?

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