Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MLB in Columbia, Carolina in general, and Charlotte

I'm for the Rays leaving Tampa, the Marlins changing their name back to Florida and sharing time between the Gulf and Atlantic coast.

That way, the Rays can become the Carolina Rays and play shared time in towns the likes of Charlotte north and Columbia south Carolina.  Let's say 55 home-camp games in Charlotte and 25 games in Gamecockland.

At this point, with two MLB parks in Atlanta, I wouldn't mind seeing the Southern Rays (or Belles, or Drawls) playing in some combination of Atlanta/Charlotte/Nashville/Charleston/Columbia/Birmingham/Jacksonville/New Orleans.

Playing in Atlanta (and maybe Tampa), at least for awhile, gives time for good facilities to be built elsewhere, think 35k seat ballparks in Charlotte and Nashville.  How about a gem in the infield of a racetrack?!  An infield within an infield, wrapped in a jewelry box.  A travel-tag-team shared between towns outside of Atlanta named "Southland" is something to ponder.

Spit-ball with me on this one.

To be the old Braves ballpark

To be the new Braves ballpark in the suburbs.

Charlotte: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports
What sport could be played on Charlotte's infield? Soccer and NASCAR ???



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