Saturday, September 20, 2014

The madness that is the NFL Not in Los Angeles !!!

20 years!!!

This is unacceptable.

Rams, you're not doing it for me in the Gateway City.  Los Angeles leads to bigger things.
We all know that the Raiders and Rams are poised to come back.  Did L.A. pull a Pete Rose online or something?  What's the hold out?

I bet the Rams would better serve St. Louis if they were re-branded as the Westward Rams and co-housed in L.A.  That would show for a better gate at the gateway.
I'm sure the people of Los Angeles wouldn't be particularly over-thrilled by this prospect but I would know they'd love it because the NFL would be back in town.  Who wants to root for the Chargers if they aren't from San Diego?!  For goodness sake, rooting for the Raiders of northern Cali?!

Who would've bet their lives on less than 2 decades without the league in America's second largest base?

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