Sunday, September 14, 2014

Arguably Places Where the Big Leagues Need to Be Next

In the NFL it's Portland and Las Vegas.  Oh yeah, Los Angeles, sure thing.  Everyone almost forgot, right?  Likely not.
That's in the west.
In the east, it's really kind of just Toronto that's tempting.  I'm mean, eventually you have Louisville or some other excitement for the "south".  6 replica fields at Big League Dreams Complex in Las Vegas (Yankee, Angel, Dodger, Wrigley, Fenway and the by-gone Crosley (pictured)).

Portland again.  Las Vegas is a half funny thought.
Charlotte is kind of feasible.
If you like the romance of it being in Nashville or New Orleans, you should search the rest of my blog.

There are a lot of potential spots.
Here's a short list.  Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, KC, Las Vegas, Seattle, San Diego, Baltimore, Louisville and so on.

Seattle and Portland are big on it.  Some good AHL cities are poised.

Well, that's a long list for a fairly young league.

For any of this to be feasible anytime soon (and expansion is not due to the # of teams and feasibility for markets to sustain a team currently), I argue for two-town regional teams like Cleveland/Milwaukee and Nashville/Atlanta in the NHL.  For the NFL there's an entire Canadian team playing across the provinces, so that whole Toronto Bills dealey could be tempered.  There's potential in the name of "West Coast" for cities like Portland, Oakland and Las Vegas to share in all of the leagues.  And on and on.  See it throughout my blog.

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