Monday, December 8, 2014

NBA Travel Team for the National Road

Westward was a movement of many Americans in the decades after American independence was achieved.
 For your bearings on the National Road, click map pic below.

How would a travel team like National Road Westwards sound?
Road Warriors?

Think of cities from Baltimore to St. Louis without the NBA.  In between those towns are Pittsburgh, Columbus and the Dayton-Cincinnati area.  The route crosses over Pacer Country.  The stretches of Toledo and Springfield, Illinois (and the historic road named directly going through Springfield, Ohio), as well as Louisville are thoughts.  Even Kansas City is a little leap from St. Louis.   All I just named number to 10.  Think exhibitions in both of the Springfields and Toledo.  Divide 41 camp games any number of ways.  So, about 5 games each if you count 7 camp (hometown) cities.  More for Pitt, C-bus and St. Louis?  Breakaway cities for expansion teams when the time comes down the road?

Check out this old travel team for Missouri and Nebraska:  Kansas City-Omaha Kings

What to call them?  
The Troops, Brigadeers, Canons, Historians, Runners, Wheelers, Rollers, Pioneers, Travelers, Towntrotters, Townshippers, Roaddawgs, Rowdawgs, Riders, Horseman, Robins, Banners, Ramblers, Gateways, Gatekeepers, Railroad, Routers, Raiders, Marauders, Rangers, Presidentials, Reps, Monuments, Revolutionaries,......?

Either way, I think it would be more love for the NBA because it is absent from quite a few major league towns.

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