Sunday, September 28, 2014

More Major League Cities with No New Teams in the Big Five Sports

What's different?

The Florida Marlins play in Miami and Tampa as their home (camp) games.
The California Angels play in Sacramento also.
The West Coast Athletics play in cozy new 35k seat ball parks in Oakland, Portland and Las Vegas.
The Texas Rangers share home team time in Austin.
The Southland Rays play in Charlotte metro, New Orleans, Nashville and Monterrey, Mexico in beautiful stadiums.  They kick off their play in Atlanta while new digs are being constructed.

The West Coast Raiders play in L.A., Las Vegas and Portland.
The Southern Jaguars play in Louisville, too.

The Southern Predators also play in Atlanta.
The West Coast Coyotes play in Portland and Seattle, too.
The Panthers vacate Florida for a North Coast, Great Lakes franchise in Cleveland and Milwaukee.  Could go further with Indianapolis and Cinci.  Or even Syracuse.

The West Coast Clippers can play in Seattle and San Diego, don'tcha think?

Soccerwise, the Foot Ball of Ohio's C-town Crew expands to Cincinnati's Paul Brown and the Cleveland Brown's Stadiums.

Can you think like this?

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