Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Indianapolis: Visiting the Possibility of more Pro Sports

You got it, Indy.  Your presence is felt in the National Football League and basketball association.  Two of the Big Five.

And, as could be surmised from reading my blog, I have great appreciation for the generosity of your NBA team's first name.  Your claim is the entire state, not just by heart, but in name, even if apolis isn't much harm.

Americanly, there is a tumbleweed that blows through not just the fields and crossroads of Indiana, but through the very heart in the form of Indianapolis's area of around  2.3 million people, over 800,000 of which are in the city proper.  The twelfth largest city in the country is without it's major presence pastime.  The baseball.  The big league.  You have alcoholics baseball.  Sorry,...that was a bad attempt at a joke for AAA, aka Triple A baseball.  And you probably have many a major league fans that are at least on the geographic fringes of Cubs, Cardinals and Reds Country.  At the crossroads, you're a battleground and it's a good question to ask someone from Indiana.

Children's Museum at the heart of Indiana.  Not quite the dinosaur in the room.  And not quite out there, either.

Other cities nearer-by places that would vie for MLB love would be Louisville (the neighbor a short paddle away), Nashville and Charlotte.  So, I would consider you a shoe in if MLB was to expand by 4.

The NHL?  Your population and market saturation standing as compared to the likes of Milwaukee, Cincinnati and Cleveland seem to leave Indianapolis in a good position to face the Blue Jackets first, out of that lot.  Out of those mentioned and Atlanta, you seem to me the best candidate in the north, and top two in the American east for getting to the big skate someday.  The same could probably be said for Major League Soccer.

What would be a good name for the next Indiana team?

Would you like a travel team in the meantime? 

Crossroads Racers of Indianapolis and Louisville. A nifty example of a MLB team shared for Kentucky and Indiana and beyond


Perhaps it is that folks in Indianapolis are so practical that I'm not seeing a robust movement or internet presence for calling out the fans, MLB-wise.



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