Sunday, August 3, 2014

A team named Paradise in Nevada. Pair'a'dice could be Las Vegas's NBA, MLS, or NHL Team. Or is their first team most likely NFL?

What will be the first big sport in Vegas?

I would have to think the weekly venue of NFL and tailgating can fit the bill.  The service industry and tourism haven of taxes should get one hell of a facility built.  Bill it as Saturday home games.  And I bet Las Vegas would build one great palace indeed.

Link: Someone else's point of view on cities that deserve an NFL team   Beware of whichever pencil dick pieced this together for advertiser friendly mis-clicking.

Whichever league lands there first, consider the name Paradise.  Snakeyes ball.

While the NBA or NHL might be more likely than MLB, I think if Vegas built an unignorable 35,000 seat gem for the major leagues and drew either the Dodgers, Diamondbacks or Padres to the city of sin for let's say 30 or so games a year as home games they could expand their franchise's nation.  If we have to put our feet in the water before jumping in, so be it.   Ballpark/convention/concert center.

The City of Sin currently has some pro football and was once part of the CFL.

Lingerie Football League team.

And once they were a part of the defunct UFL:
More Vegas Pros:
LFL Official Site
Okay, would Las Vegas have too many other attractions and distraction outdoors, outside of stadiums the likes of other resort and wonderful weather areas like Florida?

I have been a broken record for many a' mention on my blog for having the West Coast Raiders and Athletics sharing a team with Las Vegas and the likes of Portland. 

See more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog 
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