Team names for future franchises and expansion (Regional Teams) ***(Work in Progress)***

Expansion could indicate expanding the territory of a franchise, in name and/or place, not necessarily adding more teams to the league.


Prospective ones?:

Regional Teams in MLS
Southtown Soundhounds.  Pick all of the metros that could have a team in the south.
West Coast Wolf Pack of Las Vegas and San Diego
C-Bus Crew Express of Columbus, Cleveland and Cincinnati
A Northland team with it's mainstay in Minneapolis-St. Paul
Appalachian Bootleggers

Northcoast/Great Lakes of Cleveland, Milwaukee, Indianapolis and Cincinnati as choices
I like the thoughts of a C-Bus Blue Jackets of Cinci and Cleveland, too
North Country ___________     Northland__________
Predators of Nashville .....annnnnnd Atlanta.
West Coast Coyotes for Seattle, Portland ....and throw in Vegas
Could a team called the Armada or Fleet of the "East Coast" float in towns like Hartford, Hampton Roads and places like Rochester, Syracuse and Maine?
North Coast Great Lakers          Southlakes Fishermen          Midlakes Mustangs

West Coast Athletics of Las Vegas and Portland.  Throw in Vancouver?
Florida Marlins also playing in Jacksonville and/or Tampa
Texas Rangers also playing near Austin and San Antonio
Coastal Run Rays of Charlotte, Monterrey and (maybe New Orleans)
Southern Rays of Charlotte and Nashville?  Southern Sounds of Nashville and New Orleans
Las Vegas-Montreal International Expos
Tampa-Monterrey Rays

Eastern Brigade of Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis or Louisville
The ShowMe State Gatekeepers team housed in KC and St. L could work.
West Coast Clippers of Seattle and San Diego.  Think about a few games in Anchorage and Honolulu.
Midtown Roadrunners could play ball in places like Kansas City, Omaha, Austin and Cedar Rapids.   They could remain anywhere they choose until they figure the efficient swing.  Does the "Diesels" sound like a legit name?
Sin City Flights of Vegas & Cinci

West Coast Raiders of L.A., Portland and Las Vegas
Southland Jaguires (Southern Saints?) Think Louisville.  Birmingham.
Norde Force (camped in all CFL cities)
Sur Toros of Monterrey
Would a stadium in Memphis kill the Titans?
Kentucky Downs

     Note:  I'm for a West Coast named team in all of the big leagues.   I think it's big bucks.

Many, many more are mentioned throughout my blog posts.

Emerald Isle Spuds, etc and so forth... .for MLB 2150 A.D.

The "Fighting English" as a Name for a Sports Team ? click

Color Scheme Identity. The name Blue Collars not claimed after all this time.

Southern Drawl..  Bury the hatchet?  Draw your pistols?

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