Names for a Portland and Charlotte MLB team ***Work in Progress***


Oregon Eagles

Timbers sounds awesome, doesn't it?  Timberhawks?
The 'Jacks?  Lumberjacks

Whales, Sails, Eagles, Oregon Railroad, Sorties, Trekkers, Voyagers, Fleet, Westerners, Cattlemen ... .
Blue Sox        Pioneers

Portland MLB. Blue Socks? Oaks? the Woods?



Carolina Waves, Flights, Coasters, Talons, Cattle, Colonials, Troops, Mountaineers, Easterners ... .
Colonists? Pioneers.  Cougars

What about "East Coast" and "West Coast"?

And in the spirit of my regional teams theme, couldn't a few West Coast games be played in Las Vegas and some games in Newport News, Virginia for the East Coast moniker.

Either way, personally, I'm for the Athletics to vacate Oakland and the Rays to vacate Tampa in favor of Portland and Charlotte. West Coast A's in Portland and Vegas.  Coastal Run Rays co-locating in Charlotte.  Consider Monterrey, Mexico.


  1. Portland Explorers, Portland Pioneers, Portland Express, or Portland Wanderers (imagine having the Trailblazers (NBA), Pathfinders (NHL), Explorers (NFL), and Pioneers/Wanderers (MLB) all from Portland)

    Carolina Cats, Copperheads

  2. West Coast or Atlantic Frontiers, Pacific Woodsmen, Seahorse