Sunday, May 11, 2014

NBA - If each franchise had to camp in two cities... .

       I would even think it to be cool for the NBA to do 15 or 20 home games in another city across the nation with such a branding.  Smart marketing if you ask me.

Grizzlies of Nashville
Cavaliers of Columbus
Pacers of Louisville
Hornets of Hampton Roads
Heat of Pittsburgh
Sixers of Baltimore
Lakers of Seattle
Knicks of Rochester
Celtics of Cincinnati
Bulls of Kansas City
Bucks of Grand Rapids
Pelicans of Mobile
Rockets of Dayton
Pistons of Toledo
Nets of Montgomery?  Myrtle Beach?

Mavericks of Dallas
Trailblazers of St. Louis
Suns of El Paso
Warriors of Lincoln
Clippers of Tampa
Hawks of Birmingham or the Quad Cities
Mavericks of Little Rock
Wizards of Witchita
Bobcats of Newport News
Magic of Knoxville
Timberwolves of Cedar Rapids
Nuggets of Las Vegas
Kings of Lexington, KY
Jazz of Boise .... yeah, that's how I feel about that till NOLA gets it's name back
Raptors of Vancouver
Spurs of Santa Fe

With thoughts of being creative for NBA marketing, like where to co-locate the Nets for at least a season, I was thinking also that the Warriors could go to Fayetteville, NC or do more home games in places like Waco (Ft. Hood), Manhatten (Ft. Riley), Rochester (Ft. Drum) and Seattle (Ft. Lewis).

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