Wednesday, April 15, 2015

A Travel Team in Big Five Sports. Could it work?


Do you dip your toes in or do you just leap?
Dive or cannon ball?

Businesses can test the waters.

I wonder how much they have floated this idea.

As far as the NBA and NHL, I know they have.
Saskatoon was involved in the idea for hockey.  It was with St. Louis.  The Gateway City also had a lot of home games for the Kansas City-Omaha Kings which played in two states with three of their cities.  As far as that NBA team was set up, I'd like to see it happen these days.  A good sample would be for the Oakland A's to become the West Coast A's and then also play in Las Vegas and/or Portland.  How do you think this travel-tag-team idea would work?  Camps instead of homes?  A region represented instead of just the city name?

For baseball, I would love to see it take place on the professional level, even if in the minor leagues.  A Cincinnati team in the Pioneer League or in low A-Ball would be nice.  Perhaps call them the Townies?  The Hoods (neighborhoods)?

As far as the travel-tag-team model, put a figurative gun to your head and get creative.  If you're in Pittsburgh and want an NBA team, but your only option is to share the club with another major city, what would you come up with and how would you name it and brand it?

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What are your thoughts on this Place of Play Expansion in the Big Four Sports?

Could the Rangers play in another stadium like this (perhaps somewhat scaled down) in the likes of Austin, El Paso or San Antonio?



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