Thursday, April 2, 2015

Southland Pioneers Major League Baseball Team. Or the Southland Rays. In Nashville and Charlotte

My vote is for the Rays to vacate lackluster Florida of the diamond.

Wouldn't a Southland brand of baseball be badass in Nashville and Charlotte?  Aren't the Braves boring?  I mean to say boring outside of the capital of the south or some kid in Mobile who thinks the "A" stands for Bama.
Charlotte alone and Nashville alone may not be able to solely sustain the crowds of monetary certainty for the years to come circa this pre year 2020 age of business (according to MLB market fervor), but apparently Miami or Tampa really can't either.  Here's an idea.  Bring the Florida Marlins back to Miami and part-time it in St. Pete-Tampa for Florida's team.  Two there won't do like one would make due.  Take the Rays franchise, rebrand it or change it to a Southern-named Rays and let Tennessee and the Carolinas in on the deal.  Sure, the Braves might like to lock up more outland southern band fans by having minor league teams like the Mississippi Braves.  But yawn.  Monopoly Schmopoly. 

So wouldn't a team playing 40 games in Nashville and 40 in Charlotte work out well?  Wouldn't their apparel sales kill it in Dixieland?

Big league baseball requires over some $80 billion in a city to hold a team.  That's double the next sports market requirement and five times that of the least (Major League Soccer).  Recently, Nashville surpassed the $100 billion mark.

Other duo's I've thought of are a Las Vegas-Montreal Internationals (align'able in any division) or an East Coast Expos brand in Montreal and Charlotte.  The West Coast Athletics of Las Vegas and Portland, also.  The Royals could share time in Omaha, like the Kansas City Kings NBA team did way back when.  Think Midland brand.  And on and on thematically in my blog.

I say there is a big gap from Houston to Atlanta to the bounds of Cardinals, Reds and Nationals Nations, echoing from the hollers of Arkansas and the Appalachian Mountains.

Do you think Pioneers, Eagles or something else sounds better?

Doesn't this article make the likes of Montreal, Nashville, Charlotte, Portland and Las Vegas consider my travel-tag-team concept?:

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