Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Hidalgo Texas Professional Basketball and Soccer. Rio Grande Valley

Hockey and soccer are the sports of big balls for the world.  It's in Hildalgo, Texas; not the biggest city in Hildalgo County.
The D-League exists here in the form of the Rio Grande Valley surname.  A junior hockey team reps ice hockey and an arena soccer team kicks around the area before this newest calling of the USL team expanding into town.  There is also an indoor American-style football team in the Southern Indoor Football League.

Get some baseball in there and Rio Grande Valley is golden.  Quite frankly, I bet you're as surprised as I that hockey has a presence there before baseball, in this region that includes Brownsville and McAllen, touting an outstretched number of about a million folks.  McAllen hosted an independent league team before.

Perhaps the Rio Grande Valley will get a baseball team and be a feeder for the Rangers and 'Stros systems someday.  The NBA has its roots and now MLS has eyeballs on the area.

Somewhere growing in the area of a dozen thousand people live in Hildalgo and as an American border city you can imagine it will grow many times over.  It is sure to be more of an international place than most. 

Do you think that the southern tip of Texas may be the tip of the iceberg?,_Texas
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