Sunday, April 12, 2015

King of the Sports World. Cincinnati Kid Expands the Sports World

4 Team MLB (Expansion) Addition.  Brainstorming:

East Coast Internationals -  It's a Charlotte Montreal team.  Should I name them the Flights?  Expos?

Southtown Soundhounds - Nashville-New Orleans tag team

Major League Queen City

West Coast (Wolf Pack) - Portland-Las Vegas

Coastal Run Rays - Tampa-Monterrey

West Coast Raiders:  Portland/Las Vegas
Norde Force:  CFL stadiums throughout Canada  I moved the Jaguars.  Thought about London
Southland Franchise expansion team that plays in Louisville, a new stadium in Reform, Alabama and sometimes Jacksonville, , formerly Jaguars


Southlakes Fisherman, formerly Panthers
West Coast Coyotes of Seattle/Portland 

Great Lakes Redlegs expansion for Cincinnati/IndianapolisShould I name them North Coast?

West Coast Clippers
part-time Cincinnati Celtics

My Installment After a Decade.  More groundwork for the world.
I'd build baseball complexes, even indoor ones.  I'd do this with all of the sports really.  A substitute for vodka could be more indoor recreation.
I'd place big league teams there to see the world bar for these gladiator exploits of sport.

Not sure If I would make Major League Soccer a big league anymore.  Maybe I would designate it "Minor Premiere".  To get American soccer up to par, a lot more attention will have to be developed with it domestically.

I might do a regional breakdown divisions for some of the Big Leagues.
Team East Asia     Team West Asia
Team Oceana     Team Africa
Team East Europe     West Europe
Sur and one for Norte Americano (or probably just Mexico i Cenro Americana).

This World Dictator would of course throw opulent proverbial pyramids into my hometown.  The Queen City, for now renamed the King City of Cincinnati.
Just a few examples
Fantasy Expansion Example for Hometown 
I'm the Big Five American Sports Czar, I'm doing this to make New Teams
Cincinnati Pro Sports Locations Past, Present and Future

Soccer in Cincinnati #MLSCincinnatiSoccer
If ever MINOR League Baseball in Cincinnati
Yankees Hockey: The Great Lakes/North Coast Hockey Team. A New NHL Franchise and Concept

A good name for the newest Cincinnati team.
Color Scheme Identity. The name Blue Collars not claimed after all this time.

MLB to 2100 AD. A Little Brainstorming for Beyond.

Think I failed the psych eval to have a chance to ever become the Executive tenth man ( ).  Coming back down to planet earth, I'd make this suggestion as a Office of the Future member, brainstormer to the executives:
Relocation/Co-location:  West Coast Athletics of Portland/Oakland
                                      Tampa-Monterrey Rays Coastal Run Baseball Club 

Expansion to 32 teams:    Las Vegas-Montreal Expos International Baseball Club

                                       Southland Stallions of Charlotte and Nashville

5 beautiful ballparks built and a renovation.  And maybe another renovation for Oakland or Vancouver part-time as the West Coast brand?
Rays or Southland future for Memphis or New Orleans.  A breakaway possibility that results in a Tennessee Memphis/Nashville co-location breakaway.
                                      So many options, so little market room. 

See more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog 

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