Saturday, April 25, 2015

What City Combinations could you Fly a Flag Over these Regional Names? Sports Expansion

Or could you call them Combo-nations?


And in which sports leagues would you lump them?
      Examples are West Coast Athletics (also playing in Las Vegas) 
and Clippers also playing in Seattle.
What about an NHL team named Great Lakes shared for Cleveland and Milwaukee?

                                         Southland                South Lakes          
                                                                    Western                   Gulf Coast
North Coast            Great Lakes       North Shore
                                                                            West Coast                         East Coast

Some Cities of Consideration to spark your brainbox:

NBA:  Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City, Seattle.  Baltimore has such proximity to D.C. . Tampa, Austin, Las Vegas

MLB:  Charlotte, Portland, Las Vegas, Nashville, Memphis, New Orleans, New Jersey, Buffalo

NFL:  Louisville, Birmingham, El Paso, OKC, Boise

NHL:  Omaha, North and South Dakota.  Cincinnati, Austin, Indianapolis, Atlanta, Salt Lake City

MLS:  a long major league city list.  America will eventually get on board.  Kids are growing up.

See way more talk about big league expansion, relocation and co-location for the Big Five sports throughout the blog:    
 Check out your town and some samples  in the INDEX

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