Sunday, April 12, 2015

Indoor Canadian Baseball League ? It Gets Cold in America also! Let's do it

I'm thinking a bar, perhaps one that does volleyball or even bowling, can anchor an indoor facility to it for some great indoor activities such as cornhole and wiffleball.  It would be a nice place to operate a hot stove batting cage.  Steel frame and space heaters.
Something not all the way ragball, not all the way wiffleball or tennis ball.  Something that could happen in a reasonable indoor space.  But what would that be?

10-1 win over China,
Think about it.  Think aboot' it.
Maybe break up the monotony of broomball games.
Wiffleball Derby.
Nerf football indoors

Other thoughts:  more flag or two-hand tag leagues.  Winter blues.  Winter boo's.  Winter booze. 

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