Sunday, April 12, 2015

Tennis, NASCAR and Golf Venues in Your Area. And mine.

It's outside the realm of the Big Five Sports and perhaps serves as an outlet for the pros in other team sports, but the titled sports have their time to shine in America.

I'm going to tackle this look from the perspective of a hometown Cincinnati kid and the venues nearest to me for what I'm going to call "America's Other 3".

For tennis, it shines in Cincinnati in the neighborhood and suburb of Kings Island in Mason.

Aston Oaks just west of Cinci
A golf venue takes up the most space.  Does a Cincinnati kid have an idea for a bigger, better venue to build for the PGA?  I'd like some input.

The Kentucky Speedway is a drive south down river to Sparta, Kentucky that is about the distance to Dayton up north, 40 miles.

Could Butler County in between Cincinnati and Dayton build a NASCAR venue some day?  Or should something up just west or north of Dayton that would be a draw, further away from Kentucky's shine and a more accessible feel for people from Toledo and Columbus while still eyeballing Indy around Interstate 70 some hundred miles away?

And speaking of Kentucky, there's horse racing.

And in other sports, there's a basketball alternative like volleyball.  Is that part of America's Other Four?  I've blog-mentioned lacrosse.  There's cricket.  What else am I missing?  What team sport outside of the Big Five will be biggest?  Will humanity's future grow so bountiful that such alternatives will grow in popularity?

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