Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Major League Baseball in Portland and Charlotte

An expansion team for MLB doesn't seem like a strong likelihood very soon.
Relocation of the Oakland A's seems more likely.  With all the information that is out there for the A's moving, it all seems to be mixed signals and noise coming out of the Bay area as far as relocation of the Athletics.  But I think it's ideal.

If the A's would move to Portland
and the Rays would move to Charlotte

An alternative would be to share baseball and ease into markets till the time is ready to expand to a sole location.  Would it not be neat to share the West Coast A's with Oakland and Portland?  A combination with Las Vegas?  What about splitting time between Tampa and Charlotte for the Southern Rays?
Build smaller ballparks in each new city, like 35,000 seat facilities with room to grow (similar to how Buffalo, NY did).
Coast to coast MLB
I wish MLB teams based in Citrus League Land would scram from Florida altogether.  Or share the Florida Marlins between the cities of Miami and Tampa or whatever.

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Some online petition <LINK> to bring MLB to Charlotte
New Stadium Suggests Charlotte Will Not Pursue A Major League Baseball Team

Both towns missing out on Big League Baseball.  Wouldn't the A's, Raiders and Coyotes better suit both Portland and Las Vegas?  What about some Soccer in the Carolinas?
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Names for a Portland and Charlotte MLB team ***Work in Progress***

What sport could be played on Charlotte's infield? Soccer and NASCAR ???
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