Saturday, March 28, 2015

Want a Big League Team? Support Your Minor League Club

Columbus bagged an NHL Franchise, in large part to marketing and minor league success of their ECHL hockey team, the Chill.  Look here!  Pick me! -Those were shouts that resonated to the big buildings in Toronto.

Check out a glimpse of this book:

Via a Facebook fan page:
"The place to share your memories of the most influential minor-league franchise in history as we celebrate the 20th anniversary of our East Coast Hockey League franchise in October1991."
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Cities like Seattle and Portland are represented by what amounts to more like club teams than minor league hockey, which is absent from these "big hockey towns" of the north.  Las Vegas is that way in the south, and they're looking heavily to land a big time team.
Portland also is lacking minor league baseball.  I wish that there was a helluva West Coast named AHL team housed in previous years with bases in Seattle AND Portland.

Sacramento's fan base is vying for placement in Major League Soccer: 

Before there was the Blue Jackets there was a Chill team...

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