Sunday, March 1, 2015

National Hockey League might Vote on Expansion as early as Summer 2015

 In Las Vegas:
"After the first two weeks of the ticket drive, Foley said 7,350 deposits have been paid with another 300 committed.
The most impressive aspect of that number: The tickets aren't being bought by resorts on the Strip."

Consensus for the next few years leading up to 2020, four teams are being added to the NHL.  That would make the NHL the first 34-team league.  
Quebec City and another in the Toronto area seem to be locks.
Seattle and Las Vegas are the other thoughts with a wild card in the hockey hearts and minds of Portland.

Hockey isn't necessarily thriving in the warm confines of Arizona (close to Las Vegas) and Miami, Florida (near a successful former champ Tampa team).  Will Miami (Florida Panthers) and the Atlanta (formerly named Thrash that relocated) teams be failures in the South (east) much like a failure or at least lackluster failure in Arizona and another South (west)?

In my blog, I'm likely to continue to focus on relocating teams like the Coyotes and Panthers.
Right now, the NFL has 32 teams and the other Big 4 leagues have 30, while 
MLS is about 20 and growing fast..
February 2015
See way more talk about big league expansion, relocation and co-location throughout the blog:  INDEX   
See posts like MLB Las Vegas and much more like how Seattle is likely to get NHL again but not the NBA for awhile.  Sample:
 East Coast Whalers of Norfolk and Hartford. A Two-Place Team in the NHL


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