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A little bit of what this blog is about

The Big Five.
For Big League sports, I understand this is the precedence of sports for hardest franchise to acquire or found:
MLB (played more daily)
NFL (weekly)
NHL (how many kids play pickup games in Cincinnati or Atlanta?)
NBA (a lot of games, like 4/7 of the week)
MLS (needs more popularity and it will get there)

It might not be realistic for your town to have a big league team now, but imagine it anyway.  From time to time on this blog I'm going to be a league dictator for imagination purposes..  That will allow me to defy the reality of the market by building brand new stadiums,...even in seemingly outlandish locations.

All of the leagues don't want an inflation in the quality of talent.  So, besides dollars in the market, that's a big factor for league growth.  Contraction and Expansion is what business looks at.  It's no different for the business of sports.  An option to relocation, contraction or expansion could be having a regional consortium for a team.  Let's call it Co-location.  Imagine the Florida Marlins playing in Tampa and Miami and the Texas Rangers playing in Dallas and Austin.  A way for market expansion without worry for game quality dilution is camp (home) team expansion.  How cost realistic is this?  I'm not very knowledgeable on operating cost, but facilities can host other venues in the absence of big league ball.

U.S. states without major sports teams - Wikipedia (is awesome) TV MARKET IS REALLY IMPORTANT

I know places like Portland, Charlotte, San Antonio, Toronto, Montreal and Vegas has some feetball and baseball people peaking at the possibilities to have their "own" team in the area.  I wonder how many Las Vegas homegrowns have been doing this their entire life.  Poor you-guys!

Some older established pro towns missing out of the big 3?
Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, St. Louis, Kansas City and now Seattle out of the NBA
In the NFL we're missing the gaping hole that is in L.A. and there's the big town of Toronto (Bills market and CFL turf).

MLB is bound for Portland and Charlotte someday.  I just wish the grapefruit teams would pull up turf from Florida for those two cities.  Tampa has a Yankees minor league team in their town!  That's a telling transplant tale.  Aside from the criminal influence of gambling, maybe that's a reason the migrant town of Vegas doesn't have a team quite yet.

The Big 5 will catch up sometime.  It'll be nice when at least soccer feetball will catch up in popularity for America.  There are some fault lines there.
At the front of my brain, I can only think of Seattle or Portland for a near American NHL feasibility. Quebec and another Toronto seem golden.

Money in market to hold a franchise.

  • $85.4 billion for MLB
  • $37.6 billion for the NHL
  • $36.7 billion for the NFL
  • $34.2 billion for the NBA
  • $15.4 billion for MLS.

Let's discuss the possibilities.
There's a decent amount of realistic, sooner-than-later towns for expansion talk in all the sports.  It can be found on the net.   Let's do more of that, realistic or otherwise.  And let's get more futuristic, as populations grow.  Nationwide, continental and global.  What are your visions?  You can discount some points in the future, assuming logistics will be less of an issue in the world.  And do me a favor.  Be thoughtful for the name of your hometown team, even if you envision a professional cornhole club someday.  You can always spot a half-arse with a half-arse name.  Really?  You really want your town's name to be that?!  It reminds me of that kittencat logo the UC Bearcats used to sport.

A lot of blabbing on my blog will be thematically redundant with some new franchise name ideas thrown in.

What are your thoughts on sooners or laters for who, what, when, where gets a team?

Japan 2020 Olympics

I created this blog out of my frustration of the economy, coupled with what was to be the Ballpark at Broadway Commons and my wish for a Mayan calendar 2012 MLB tour carnivaled in the style of Field of Dreams throughout outlander America.   Wikipedia is so handy of a source.  They have talk of the expansion throughout the sports.  As far as what is out there in searchland or googleland, I like to have good links consolidated on my blog such as Oregon's bid to land some teams and feasibility studies for a market to be able to house a franchise.

Think ahead.  And way ahead.  If Walmart wanted to float a team for Arkansas in or around Bentonville, well,... they got the money and a state full of people.  And a workforce.

If your city isn't quite ready to hold a pro team, perhaps you can give thought to sharing a team for now .... a travel team.

See more expansion and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog (starting in Feb 2014, see table of contents/archive):  Major League/Pro Expansion <CLICK> 
And please feel free to contribute your two cents with mine. 

Samples below:

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  1. I've also seen order of precedence for dollars in a market to hold a franchise is MLB (more than double that of second place),...and then the NHL ....closely followed by NFL,...then NBA and MLS.

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