Saturday, March 14, 2015

The Ball Parks in Germany. Major League Baseball there Someday

Though the largest baseball stadium in the country is in the southeast, a great place for an MLB team could be the Rhine-Ruhr region in the western part of Germany.  The major cities there are numerous, and from Essen to Bonn isn't even 80 miles and approaching 12 million people.

Rhine-Ruhr is Germany's megacity.  Perhaps Essen would be the best place for a baseball stadium?  Being regional, perhaps the best location around the Ruhr would be a balance of entertainment, restaurant and lodging options very near a highway.  Or a vacant spot could be spurred on to propel growth in an area relatively central to everything.

If you had 2 spots to play home games for the representative squad for Germany, Berlin would be a great place also.  3.4 million people are there.  1.3 million are in Munich to the south, if one were to consider 3 camps.

I believe there is plenty of love for baseball that is ripe for the Rhine in the coming decades.

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