Sunday, March 15, 2015

Big Four Sports in France someday

I envision a retractable dome complex, anchored by world football (soccer), somewhere between Paris and Orleans.  This would be a day, likely decades away.

My understanding of the culture is nearer to nil so I am strictly spit-balling on this one for some map-board names:
   Paris Saints Baseball
   Paris Monarchs NBA
   Force de France NFL
   Rebel Roosters NHL
Note, that American-style football did not occur on any stage in France.
The NFL would very likely land in legacy nations ahead of the French

I see the hockey and basketball occurring around Paris.  The NBA first.
I could see baseball, the word "could" being even more of a stretch, occurring in a baseball-only stadium around Marseille.  I could see MLB France splitting time between Paris.  And the dome of Paris would host the NFL games as well as some soccer.

Even if all of this building were to occur today, worse comes to worse, there are some awesome sports complexes for at least basketball and soccer and concerts, if not just for the citizenry, the rambunctious youth.

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