Monday, March 2, 2015

NHL Change. Regional Relocation/Co-locations Using the Panthers and Coyotes & the NHL's four team expansion

Hockey in Florida and Arizona can get iffy.
Tampa Bay has froze over with a Stanley Cup championship and it's there to rightfully stay.

 I have a much more exponential way to house the 4 team expansion by the NHL:

This is a consolidation of current teams:
Southlakes Fishermen (Florida Panthers, formerly) Atlanta
West Coast Coyotes of Las Vegas, also.  Arizona-Vegas Coyotes?
Hold the thought of Nashville for a bit.


North Coast Great Lakers of Milwaukee and Cleveland
Toronto (Ontario) and Quebec, as slated.
West Coast Whales of Seattle and Portland, Northern Lights?  This could mean time for Anchorage, also.

2011 Atlanta NHL.  Thrashers hockey.
Consider the East Coast Whalers or Whales (of Hartford and Norfolk (with Atlantic City from time to time).

I would simply see it as a shame for Portland to be passed over for more iffy desert hockey.  And seeing it struggle in Miami and around Phoenix is silly to me.  I want the cities where it can work out to have it now, and yes, that probably means a part-time basis for Americans to get on board with the main love of our north neighbors.

In all of the above mentioned, the Predators could become Southlakes with Atlanta, and then a Hartford teamed-up franchise could materialize in an East Coast brand.

In some kind of shuffle, Indianapolis and Cincinnati can be lumped in with the Great Lakes brand, either as a fallback or partial showing as camp.

I still sigh at the prospect of the NHL being absent from Austin in my 6 team (4 expansion, 2 co-location and about a dozen-city) shuffle.  The big leagues are absent there, just like Las Vegas, and Austin seems more deserving of the NHL, at least to me aesthetically.  "Cattlemen" has a ring to it, right?  No matter how ya' dice it, a decision of sort from the league may come in June about a staggered expansion.  And I doubt it will be super innovative or happy news for the likes of Portland.

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