Monday, March 23, 2015

Bye Bye NHL Miami. New South Bermuda Hockey Triangle. Say Hello to Cleveland and Milwaukee. NHL Expansion

Bye bye Panthers.
I'm leaving that southern name to the NFL and moving your team up north.  Miami beach hockey is unnecessary.  I'm not even sure a tear would be shed.

I got a name for this team to be moved and co-located to Milwaukee and Cleveland.  Well, there are a few to choose from.  I like the "North Shoreman", North Coast Armada, Northland Shores and the Great Lakers.

A mythological triangle of the south I spun at is Tampa, Carolina and Nashville hockey.  That's good enough.  Bye Bye South Beach.  Then there's that other tumbleweed kicking out west in Arizona but there is much more swirling around out there.  And likely we'll see how Las Vegas handles ice in our lifetime.

But anyway, I'm moving your team up north.

And I'm co-locating it in Cleveland and Milwaukee.
And with the upcoming expansions I'm wishing the Toronto Dos squad would be named something more broad in its embrace, like Ontario.
click:  Ontario Gold Stallions/Mustangs/Horseman NHL Expansion Team should be Toronto's team two too

I envision the North Coast Great Lakers and the North Shore Fleet.  Something along those lines  An instant rivalry.

If I'm doing a table top exercise in hockey, does tonsil hockey amount to some experience
Mind you, this still leaves room for Las Vegas, Seattle and Quebec City for expansion.  I just moved the Panthers.  I'm even going to lump in another sure bet in my mind:  Portland.

If it were up to me, Portland, Seattle and Las Vegas would all fall under the umbrella name of West Coast Whales, spending the most time in Seattle and least amount in Vegas.

North Shore Norde Force or Norseman would play in Quebec City and suburban Toronto, Ontario.  And only an expansion of two teams would occur.  The league could play in at least double the places and suitable markets will have already been shored up and breakaways and relocation/co-locations can always shift.  League growth can occur more efficiently and faster with worry of less talent inflation.

An argument for keeping Arizona and Florida beach on ice: 

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