Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Major League Soccer Expansion Announcement Coming Before Summer

Per the commissioner.

Las Vegas folded their deck in a case to mount for a team.  I say that's a shame.  A once-a-week venue could've been more eventful and more sure of a bet for a big league brand.  I have argued that the Chivas should've been replanted in Las Vegas, even if a goat-brand were to split time between L.A. and LV:   The Chivas should've been moved to Las Vegas Part-Time

The cities and state of contention with some soccer fan bated breath:
San Antonio
St. Louis

In December, the MLS announced that groups from Minneapolis, Sacramento and Las Vegas had made      presentations to the league. Since then, Las Vegas has dropped out and San Antonio and St. Louis have put together groups.
Days ago, over 60k in attendance in the expansion team match at Orlando against NY2 (NYCFC) www.wftv.com

See way more talk about big league expansion, relocation and co-location throughout the blog for soccer, baseball, football, basketball and hockey:  INDEX             ProSportsExpansion.blogspot.com
VOTE in polls and COMMENT.  Samples to click below:

Southtown Soundhounds MLS Franchise  
Dream up the next Northern MLS Franchise. And a Southern one
MLS Expansion for the likes of Detroit, Cincinnati, Knoxville, Atlanta and Miami. 
One Team to Kick Off With.  One Name tuh' Boot

Shared MLS. MLS Expansion. MLS Sister Cities
MLS most feasible chance at travel team/home-camp shared team model. A Few Examples

Arizona Major League Soccer Franchise should be placed in Tucson

Detroit Arsenal Major League Soccer Expansion Team  

MLS, Will the Major Leagues land in Austin for the first time, or will San Antonio get that Soccer team before their capital city?? 

Kentucky Major League Soccer. The Big Leagues in Louisville 
Major League Soccer in Nashville, Charlotte and beyond
National Women's Soccer League. What about a Major League Soccer Collaborative?  
West Coast Whales NHL Team in Seattle, Portland and Las Vegas
 Seattle Clippers?
"Northern Lights" NHL Team a New Expansion Team for Seattle and Portland. Try that on for Size.
Major League Baseball in Las Vegas
Forget building a new ballpark in Oakland. Do it in Las Vegas. The West Coast Athletics. 
NHL Team in Austin and Las Vegas called the West Coast Cattle Drive 
For States without Big League Ball the Next Landing will be Las Vegas or Louisville 
Portland the NHL's Bridesmaid. Maybe the Bride. Expansion/Relocation
Big League Expansion without increasing Number of Franchises. Definite No Doubts. 
Midlakes Mustangs NHL Expansion Team

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