Thursday, December 11, 2014

Women's Major League Baseball. The WMLB.

A League of Their Own.

Watch the fiction based on fact.
Get your bearings:

Yeah, you've probably seen the movie.  A League of Their Own.

I have thought about a Women's MLB before:

I'm somewhat of a baseball enthusiast.  I would enjoy watching ladies playing baseball.  Not so much softball, but yes, baseball.

The WNBA is a success, right?  I'm sure I could admire a few more facets of the ladies game.  I bet I would pay attention a little bit more.

Then the question inevitably begs, what about more, the lady counterpart to MLS, which to me seems the likeliest fit to all?  I would love the Lady Crew to take the field as a before or after the Crew matchup.

American football and hockey are questionable for this thought indeed.

I'll just come out and say it.  There's the Lingerie League (now known as the Legends Football League ) and it's a wonder how to sexualize hockey.  But isn't hockey Canada's religion?  Can they not build it up so that the girls can come too.  I mean they can come onto the ice.  I'm sure there's some knothole hockey or whatever.  And there has got to be some girl little league action.

While the WNBA is great, there is something to be said about the exhibition that is another thing of beauty.  I mean, I cannot even keep a blog straight or on topic when the ladies are in the room:

Of course I would want bikini baseball or for the option for the gal players to wear whatever brand in whatever fashion they wish in team colors.  Perhaps there would be the choice of dress, skirt, bikini or some such.    Sexualizing might not be the greatest, but it sells and may serve more of an "in" (inroads) to expanding the options for a more robust women's team league.

I'm not the only dork.  This camera man can't even keep balance for the basketball camera action:

What are some clever counterpart names for any team in any of the Big Five Sports Leagues?
Try some:
Cleveland Engines
Cincinnati Redleggers
or just Lady Redlegs
Cincinnati Bangals
Lady Lakers
Buffalo Billies
Washington Skirts or Skins
San Diego Madres

What do you think?

Maybe, just this time, I'll contain myself by not attaching great images of God or Goddess's creation on this post.

click:      WMLB and my Lady Redlegs v. the San Diego Madres

In the future I'm sure to have future posts about the WNBA, WNFL, WMLS, WMLB and WNHL as counterparts to the men's teams.  And mayhaps when some bikini league expansion comes to Cincinnati, I'll get more some more insight towards that.

See more expansion, co-location and relocation talk for football, baseball, basketball, hockey and soccer on my blog 

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