Sunday, December 28, 2014

Small Chatter. A Decade and Two Ago. #MLBExpansion and #MLBMontreal.

Ten years ago Canada lost half of it's Major League Baseball.  The Blue Jays have been World Series Champs.  Montreal's Expos never were.  No very French area has the diamond running strong.  Not New Orleans.  Not much of Canada.  As it stands there is only one Minor League farm system affiliate in the land.  Vancouver with Toronto's Blue Jays.

I'm glad D.C. got a team, even with the O-Birds in the area, and at Oh Canada's expense.  With expansion to Phoenix and Tampa late last century, it doesn't seem to be coming in awhile.  Maybe with an Oakland move, there will be relocation, but not to the east.  If Tampa's television market wasn't so big, I bet we would be talking about the Rays leaving for the likes of the land of Charlotte.

Popped open some unopened baseball cards for Christmas.  1993 Upper Deck and Topps.  Off the top of my head, I got a Colorado Rockies Joe Girardi.  Good catcher, and managment guy for among others, the Florida Marlins and Yanks.

Fun.  Being a bigger pack, there were plenty of new Florida and Colorado cards.  Certainly there were plenty of Expos in the pack.  I wonder when the Expos will, in name, be back.  Sometime before 2050?  Will the next northern baseball be in Vancouver before them?  Charlotte, Nashville and Louisville before Quebec?  Probably in Portland and Las Vegas before then.

More league talent giving room for big league growth?  It would be nice for the next MILB team that's struggling to maybe give Montreal a try.  What are the plans for Olympic Stadium?  It does get occasional MLS and CFL use among other things.  The largest seating in Canada with 65k seats but not cheap.  It seems like a costly beast.  It'll be interesting to see.

Want some Expos stuff?:  click: A Collection Pieced Out. Some Given Away.

For talk that's more real concerning MLB or other league expansion, relocation (and co-location !!!), check out and peruse the table of contents and index.

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