Sunday, December 21, 2014

Cuba. Major League Baseball in Havana Someday Sooner?

The city-proper itself has 2.1 million folks and is about 230 water miles away from Miami.  And embargoes look as though they are to ease.

Can the cigar economic boost and American travel alone create enough mogul seating and lavishness for MLB to consider it a viable option to house an expansion team?  As I've mentioned with Las Vegas before, would some warm casinos or Cuban tropical weather draw road game loyalist with another excuse to visit their team? 

I think a modest sized park of 30-35k seats with room to grow it wouldn't be a bad start.

NY Park called Clemente pictured below.

There is some MLB chatter on the net about this, but the business implications are still rough.  Cuba owes some U.S. businesses money as far as some American businesses are concerned.  All in all, one can venture a guess at improvement in the lives of Cubans.  In the years to come we wonder, will big league ball take on franchises in Puerto Rico and Cuba.

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