Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Any Good Logos or Team Names You Can Dream Up ?

Baseball, Football, Basketball, Soccer and Hockey:

Do you know of a good logo (or team name) for a team that doesn't exist yet?  Anyone that can do one?  Submit them.

Sur Toros
Monterrey Bulls
Nord Force ("North Mounties) of Canada
Mexico City Santos
London Continentals

Southern Belles
Southern Draw
West Coast
River Run Rafters (NBA in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Louisville and/or St. Louis)

Great Lake Sailors (NHL of Cleveland and Milwaukee)

Ohio Barons basketball of the Cincinnati-Dayton Metroplex

FC Queen City of Soccer (think Monarch, Armada)
Cincinnati Rivermen, ....troop references like Brown Sox, Greenlegs

Great Basin Bandits of Las Vegas-Salt Lake City

Inland Empire
West Coast Emperors

Crossroads Racers (baseball in Indianapolis (cars) and Louisville (thoroughbreds))

I envision a bigger and cantered Mountie hat as part of the logo for NFL's Canadian team, but hey, this isn't the only sad logo I did up on this blog:

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