Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Orlando, Portland, Charlotte, Sacramento and Salt Lake City. Who deserves MLB more? NFL?

Add in Las Vegas, Columbus, Indianapolis and San Antonio and all of these metropolitan areas have more people than Cincinnati's or Milwaukee's.  That's nine markets.

Indy and Charlotte have NFL representation.  But it's an easier argument for football.

Let's say that Toronto and LA expanded into the NFL in an expansion of 4.  For the sake of balance what other city in the east and west.  Portland or SLC?  Not so easy to think about for the east, huh?  Would they have to slap a team in Orlando?  Though not bigger than any of these markets big league ball in Kentucky would be nice, ....and it's more doable for football:  Louisville.

For baseball, let's say there was a four team expansion with need for balance to join Portland and Charlotte.
As hard as it is for a baseball market, I would have to argue a travel tag team of sorts.
In the east, I'd argue for the Eastern Capitals of Indianapolis and Columbus.
In the west, let's get the Western Rollers of Las Vegas and SLC.

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