Saturday, October 18, 2014

Crossroads Racers of Indianapolis and Louisville. A nifty example of a MLB team shared for Kentucky and Indiana and beyond

Indiana and Kentucky are the 19th and 15th states admitted into the American union, respectively.

Imagine Major League Baseball in Louisville and Indianapolis, splitting time between the two cities.  I'm sure the Cubs, Cards and Reds wouldn't be overly thrilled at fans near and between them jumping ship for their own new representation of thoroughbred and indycar ilk, but rivalries are sure to bloom.

How does the "Crossroads Racers" sound?

There is some premier racing that occurs in Kentucky and Indiana.  Thoroughbreds horse and Indycar racing is in the sports lexicon.  While market sustainability for each of these metropolitan areas alone is questionable for being able to economically house a MLB franchise these days, splitting time between these two places which are about 115 miles away can be envisioned.  The metro areas of the "Gateway of the South" and Indiana's main town combined are about 3 million people.  The "Crossroads of America" with Indiana and Kentucky combined would be a population to be seen.  Would a following creep in from Tennessee and the Carolinas and other areas of out-in-the-country's outlands like Arkansas?  Yeah, Charlotte is chomping at the bit, also.

Imagine these numbers of the 15th and 19th states admitted into the union in this racing-style, adorning the back of the helmets.

While home-camping in Louisville for a game, couldn't you see a fine stallion mounted with a rifleman on the ballcap of the Racers team?

What about this bat-mobile gracing the ballcap of a home game in Indianapolis?

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