Saturday, July 5, 2014

Teams in More Places for the East Regional

Shares in the east?  Sooner than later?  Okay, let me try.

For hockey I have made mention of Nashville combining with Atlanta and becoming a team "Southern".  Cleveland and Milwaukee being a "Great Lakes" Armada of sorts.  I wouldn't mind a "Fleet" team taking camp for the NBA in Pittsburgh, Cincinnati and St. Louis/KC.  River Delta Fleet?  Eastern Fleet?  Battle Group?  Maybe the Pirates of Pittsburgh, Columbus and Indy riding along I-70.  Eastland Pirates.
What of the Pistons touring camps in Dayton/Cincinnati, maybe KY and TN, all the way down by Tampa.  The I-75 Pistons.

Moving the Jaguars to Toronto and sharing the Southern Saints with Alabama and Jacksonville.  And maybe Little Rock.  Take that Jerry Jones.
For the NFL I had mentioned a Canadian team camped throughout CFL facilities, coined Norde Force ( a play on the French, Mounties and obvious positioning without blatently naming it the Canadian National Team).  Shared baseball for Southern Rays being in New Orleans, Nashville and Charlotte among places.   Great Lakes hockey I have harped on throughout the blog over and over.

A good balance for East to West.  Out yonder, Portland and Vegas in on the action.

Pretty artwork here.  Cali, Tejas and Florida ball in more places.  More teams with regional surnames like Eastland for the I-70 Pirates.
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